Weight Loss, One Thing at a Time

If you’re like most people when you’ve tried to get in shape and/or lose weight before, you use the all or nothing approach. Whether you know it or not.

And you may have established certain “rules” about how this stuff works.

* Detox diet? Bring on the green juice!
* $500 spent at Nike on sweat pants and workout gear? The credit card is still smoking.
* Elaborate workouts with weird exercises and complex set and rep equations? Yep.
* Hours of hamstering on a treadmill? Drive belt is greased and ready!

And the best part? You’re gonna cram this all in to one day.

No wonder so many people find it hard to get in shape.

They run themselves into the ground by doing too much at once.

Habit based coaching doesn’t make you do all this crazy stuff at once, because let’s face it, you will quit 5 days in then feed your feelings some pizza and ice cream.

We know from experience that to make drastic and lasting change, you need to simplify.

Master one basic habit at a time.

Want help creating healthy habits?

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