Learn How To Take Control of Your Eating Habits and Gain a Healthy Relationship with Food

Eat Food. Lose Weight. It’s This Simple.

Never again will you decline an invitation to a social event because you’re self-conscious. With this program, you can proudly go to the doctor’s office without having to be “fat shamed”. Life happens and there are many reasons why you may have put on 10, 15 or even an extra 100 pounds.

This program is your rescue jacket. You’re going to indulge in delicious, whole foods and lose weight at the same time. You will feel physically great, look outstanding and regain a confident smile. Your social life will improve and so will your health.

So what's the catch? Your Commitment.

We provide you with the magic wand to weight loss. Well, sort of.  Our magic wand is a series of tools and steps that are easy to understand and implement into everyday life- no matter how busy you are!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Daily educational emails
  • Work guides
  • Educational Videos
  • Free Meal Plan
  • Accountability, Motivation and Support

This habit-based program is different because it focuses on lifestyle changes, not theories that don’t apply to real life.

Your commitment to this program, and your health and appearance, has to be driven by an internal desire to be the best you possible. Both physically and mentally.

Obesity doesn’t just come with an unfortunate social stereotype. It is also a life-threatening disease. Being overweight means you’re at a higher risk for a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, fractures… the list goes on and go.

You can do this!

You have the power to follow the program’s simple habits that lead to lifelong changes. Your work guides help you identify and correct unhealthy eating habits.

Hi! I’m Belinda Rodgers, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women helping them lose weight, heal their gut, balance their hormones, and simply feel better in their own bodies. By eliminating inflammatory foods, supporting blood sugar levels, and eating whole foods, YOU CAN get the body, health and life you’ve always wanted.

Learn more about me

So What Will You Learn in This Program?.

While you are your only advocate in life, we are going to provide you with unlimited support. I can see your progress in the program and give you a little boost whenever you need it.

Week 1-2: Learn how to Eat Slowly: Learn why eating slow allows better digestion and better food choice
Week 3-4: Stop Eating at 80% full: How to identify fullness and when to stop eating
Week 5-6: Mind-Body Scan: how do you truly feel when you eat
Week 7-8: Record How You Eat: learn what triggers your eating habits
Week 9-10: Think on a Continuum: learn how to make better choices without being perfect
Week 11-12: Eat Lean Protein: why eating this food often can lead to weight loss and better eating habits
Week 13-14: Eat Fruits and Veggies: how to add these into your day without feeling like you’re a rabbit
Week 15-16: Smart Carbohydrates: how to make healthy carb choices that lead to increase energy without the sugar crash
Week 17-18: Record How You Eat: What changes do you see over the last 8 weeks with better food choice
Week 19-20: Maintain Progress: learn how to keep these habits going for life, and what to do if you revert back

STOP doing what you know. Start learning how to grow.

Commit to a healthier life that allows positive energy and good things to come your way. When you feel good, positive energy follows and amazing things happen to you!

Think about it… When you’re having a bad day it always seems like there is one thing after another. When you have a great day and you feel good, you attract so much more out of life! You sparkle, you shine and you’re building great habits for your future!

This program will also help you to;

  • Ramp up metabolism
  • Relate to food in a healthy way
  • Help you get control over your emotional eating
  • Teach you how to listen to your body, and only eat when you need to
  • And much more!

You can reflect on today and pat yourself on the back for being proactive about both your health and your lifestyle.

Life is change. No one is ever happy or healthy when they stay the same. This progressive program is everyday-friendly and doesn’t feel like work. You won’t bore your taste buds and you won’t feel like you’re on a diet- because you’re not!

Are you ready to introduce yourself to a new and healthier way of life?

Are you ready to donate your closet full of wrong-size clothing to those in need?

Are you ready to be the best you possible?

Are you ready to walk into your next doctor’s appointment only to proudly announce that you’ve taken charge of your weight and your health?

Start your New Journey for only $197