Eat Slow, Feel Full

One of the BASE habits of ProCoach is to Eat Slowly. When we eat slowly, we actually feel more satisfied with less food.

Even better:

When we practice slowing down and paying attention, we feel more satisfied with everything else.

In praise of slowness

Almost all of us have busy, over-scheduled, rushed lives. We’re pushed to live faster and faster.

And we want to lose weight immediately! Six-pack abs in six weeks! Or six days!

Our bodies struggle to keep up the pace.

You can feel it when you’re living — and eating — too quickly.

Rapid results don’t last. Everything worthwhile takes time and patience. (Think: parenting, relationships, getting a degree, mastering a skill, building a career, etc.)

Eat slowly. Savor your food. 
What is the texture like? 
What does the food ACTUALLY taste like? 
When do you become full and how much is still left on your plate?

Be consistent, patient, and persistent. Keep showing up. Day after day. One step at a time.

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