Nutrition Coaching

One on one nutrition coaching that helps your specific health needs and goals. Whether you want to learn how to cook better, learn portion control, or learn healthier eating patterns, we will work together to reach your goals.

BioEnergetics & Allergy Services

BioEnergetics is a natural health modality that can help alleviate allergy and intolerance symptoms. These can range from food intolerances, pet allergies, environmental allergies, blood pressure imbalance, hormone or thyroid imbalances and much more.

Meal Plans

Choose from any pre-made Meal Plan such as Paleo, Vegetarian, Low FODMAP, Keto and much more!

Since 1993


"Belinda really helped my daughter with BIE! Prior to seeing Belinda, she had fairly constant stomach pain. Happy to say after completing BIE that she is now pain free and enjoying the foods she loves most. We highly recommend Belinda - she is very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise"
-Melanie, Caledonia

Belinda has been very helpful in our weight loss journey. We are thankful she is always available to answer our questions and find what works for us.
- Alice, Brantford

Just had Belinda give our son BIE sessions for his allergies, tonight he was out running beside me while cutting the grass with no side effects
​ - Colin, Caledonia

Have had several sessions of BIE and have noticed improvements. One in particular is my sensitivity to cats. Much better, have been exposed and did not get a reaction.
- Edith, Caledonia

Went to see Belinda about 2 weeks ago for headaches/migraines. I can't believe how great I feel now! Thanks Belinda!
​- Christine, Simcoe

Belinda is awesome! She took the time to explain everything and was very patient and understanding with all my questions. Definitely going back! Highly recommended!"
- Anna, Hamilton


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