Nutrition Programs & Coaching

If you are a busy Momma or Professional who wants a program to follow along at your own pace, then my done-for-you Nutrition programs are for you! I have created Weight Loss and Hormone Balancing programs that you can follow at home and on your own terms. If you know you need to be held accountable and are wanting more personalized coaching, then One-on-One Coaching is for you! We work together to tackle your less healthy habits, I teach you how to create a new lifestyle and guide you along your journey. I give you the knowledge and the tools, you bring along all the willpower! 

BIE and Allergy Service

BIE (BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination) is a natural health modality that allows the body to recognize certain substances it currently does not. BIE uses a technique that combines acupuncture meridians and frequencies to help stimulate your immune system to work specifically on allergies/intolerances. BIE can correct the body’s intolerances/sensitivities so you can enjoy the foods you love most without digestive issues, enjoy going outside without sneezing and a runny nose, and allows you to love on your pets without itchy eyes!

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